How is dental hygiene carried out at our clinic?

It begins to fill out a registration form with personal data and medical history. Than followes an initial exam and periodontal measurement.

After the initial exam patient is informed about outcomes and further treatment.

Than professional teeth cleaning starts. It is a plaque and tartar removal by hand instruments named scaling. We use a special manual tools designed for this purpose – scalers and Gracey curettes.

To avoid pain we only use highest quality instruments: US brands Hu-Friedy, American Eagle and Swiss brand Deppeler .We also use ultrasonic device and air-polishing device called Air flow.

Hygiene is finished by final polishing.

We always ensure that the treatment is as painless and gentle as possible. In order to achieve the best result during we use magnifying glasses.

After cleaning the patient is teached about oral care and next visit (recall) is recommended. Recall is a program of regular visits in compliance with professional and international standards , which should take place at regular intervals. Usually every six months or more frequently if needed.


When to start?

As soon as possible - from the age of 3-4, when the child is able to cooperate for at least 20 minutes. A child's teeth should be regularly professionally cleaned, polished and fluoride varnish should be applied to prevent tooth decay. We advise children how to take care of their teeth, so that they get the right habits and positive experiences with us.


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