How to clean your teeth properly + VIDEO

The main goal is effective plaque removal from tooth's surface and from between the teeth.
The basic tool is a toothbrush, which should meet the following requirements: small head / the right size for an adult or child / straight and soft bristles.
The most frequently recommended technique of brushing for adults is known as the Bass modified method:
place the tooth brush at 45° angle at the gum line. Make several gentle brushing movements, and then move the brush in a circular movement with small sweeps towards the biting surface of the tooth. This way clean 2-3 teeth at once from both the inner and outer sides. Finally clean the biting surfaces of the back teeth by moving the brush in small circles.
Avoid hard pressure.
Interdental space should be cleaned with dental floss or interdental brushes of individual size.
We will choose of the right dental tools and advice you how to use them.

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