We offer sensational and safe teeth whitening systems:

1. Opalescence GO


  • dentist-controlled take home bleaching system
  • despensed in pre-filled, adaptable, disposable teeth whitening trays
  • clear, flavored, high viscosity sticky, 6% hydrogen peroxide gel with potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride
  • bleaching you wear for 30-60 minutes once a day. May be applied up to 10 times
  • Benefits: easy, time-saving and inexpensive method

2. White dental beauty

Top quality home bleaching system with custome trays. White Dental Beauty has been successfully used by dental care specialists worldwide for more than a decade and is one of the leading whitening systems on the market.
Benefits: individuals trays can be used any time in future for touch up



Philips Zoom Whitespeed is an in-office light accelerated whitening system used in combination with LED light and whitening gel.
Unlike many other systems, Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed uses a proprietary LED light to accelerate whitening for maximum results in minimal time. Compared with systems which do not use light activation, the whitening process is 40% more effective. This system can make your teeth whiter by up to 6 shades in just one hour!
The whitening gel is newly enriched to reduce sensitivity and to protect tooth enamel. To improve and stabilize the result, the system includes a kit to complete the whitening process at home. All this complies with new legal regulations.




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